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Anti- objects

useless but fun objects 

Type of project: product design with an anti- affordance.

Challenge: to deliberately create an object with “wrong” design and explore its possibilities.

Role: designer, photographer, concept developer.

In this project I explored the use of affordances in design. My thoughts were shaped by Donald A. Norman’s “The design of everyday things”. According to his definition “Affordances provide strong clues to the operation of things.”

Anti-affordances are misleading and confusing properties of objects that prevent them from being used as intended. As a part of this project I created objects with deliberate anti-affordances which rendered them “useless”.

01. a fluffy whisk

02. a shirt with button holes
smaller that the buttons

03. toothfloss on a spoolie with a cutter.
It contradicts the origninla toothfloss
packaging that keeps it clean and sthetyl.  

My last object has an element of play. I created two decks of cards. One was printed on acetate that would allow players to cheat. The other one had differend card values on each side so that the player could choose which one to use.