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fashion photo shoot

Type of project: garment design and photography.

Challenge: to translate an art movement into an outfit and present it with the help of fashion photography.

Role: costum designer, photographer, editor, creative direction.
This is one of the very first projects on the Interaction design course, back in 2017. We had to create an outfit that would represent Cubism as a movement, as well as think about the place where the photoshoot would be done so it represents the key ideas, philosophy and aesthetics of it.

After looking at and comparing cubist artwork, our team decided to focus on creating something that would look sharp, edgy, geometric and asymmetric. We also aimed to experiment with colours, but at the same time tried to stick to a quite minimalistic colour pallet just as it is seen in the majority of cubistic paintings. In the end, our costumes turned out to be quite contrasting. We all shared the responsibilities for the costume design, makeup, art direction, post-production, project management.