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Desire Lines 

desire lines and interaction design arts                                                                                                   

“It is a“unifying” principle between the social, technical, psychological (behavioural) and physical aspects of interaction design.”
Have you ever noticed those paths on the grass that people make in parks or squares? Even though there is a pavement that has been designed to walk on, people tend to create shortcuts for themselves.
Desire lines is a concept that reveals human desire to do certain things the way they really want, regardless of the initial design. This concept came from architecture and is widely observed in everyday life. Desire lines are everywhere. They might be obvious, hidden, some of them should be revealed, they could be traced.

The focus of this project was to find, trace and reveal desire lines and present them in a booklet. As designers, we should observe those naturally occurring ways of interaction between humans, nature and objects and work on a design that would not contradict those “desire lines”, but go along with them.

Some of examples and explanations of naturally occuring desire lines.